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1. A science that works towards preserving our environment and the species that live in it.
4. One of the few hotspots in or close to the United States.
5. An endemic primate species in the island of Madagascar.
6. Finches and honey creepers are abundant in this island. It is found in the coasts of Ecuador. Charles Darwin is always related to this island.
7. Galapagos and Madagascar are two examples of this.
8. They are regions that harbor a great diversity of endemic species and, at the same time, have been significantly impacted and altered by human activities.
11. Type of bird found in the galapagos island
14. It's considered the worlds richest and most diverse region.
15. The variety of plants and animals and other living things in a particular area or region
16. It's home to the 3rd highest density of primate species in the world and is the forth largest island in the world.


2. When species have developed features that help them survive in a particular environment we say that they show a certain a... to their environment.
3. That lives no were else on earth.
9. Madagascar has over 1000 of these plant species. They are epiphytes.
10. A group of individuals from the same species
12. Another name for animals of an area
13. Another name for plants of an area.