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Environmental Science and Social-Political Contexts

Unit 2: Ecological Relationships and the Beginnings of Environmentalism

Part 2
Unit Developed and Resources Compiled by: Darlene HawkerSelf


Lessons/ Resource

Unit Plan (Ubd Format) and Teacher Background Knowledge

1.1 Unit Plan

1.2 Population Pressures Plan B 4.0

1.3 Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Research Rachel Carson Silent Spring

1.4 A Sand County Almanac, Aldo Leopold and the Aldo Leopold Foundation

1.5 Silent Spring, Rachael Carson and Silent Spring Revisited A Center for Biological Diversity Report

1.6 Empire Forestry and the Origins of Environmentalism By Gregory Allen Barton Preview Frontmatter

2 Ecosytems

2.1 Pine Cone Ecosystem Lab

2.2 Life in a Bottle An investigation of collected pond water

2.3 Bottle Biology Decomposition Column

2.4 Bottle Biology Terra Aqua

2.5 Investigating Pond Microbes lesson plan by Gail Powell

2.6 Understanding Ecosystems by Ellen Reilly, A field trip preparation lesson, guide for fieldtrip to Litzsinger Road Ecology Center (adaptable to different locations), and post trip assessment and poster

3 Energy in Ecosystems

3.1 Modeling Energy in and Ecosystem computer simulation McGraw Hill Student Document

3.2 Ecosystems, Organisms and Trophic Levels simulation McGraw Hill

3.3 The Habitable Planet simulation of producers and consumers and the Student Document

3.4 Estimating Populations Tracking Grizzlies

3.5 How does Competetion Affect Population Growth?

4 Conservation Stories

4.1 Evaluate conservation stories for stakeholders: Otters and Bald Eagle in Missouri, and Furbearer Management in MO, and Problems with Wolf Ecology

4.2 A Sand County Almanac The Land Ethic Excerpts from Aldo Leopold

4.3 Silent Spring Excerpts Rachael Carson powerpoint

4.4 Silent Spring, The American Experience Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

5 Urban Ecosystems

5.1 St. Louis City Virtual Website to examine urban ecology changes

5.2 Ecosystem Lab Saakatchewan Teacher's Guide: Lessons, vocabulary and scavenger hunts which can be adapted for urban environments

6 Forestry

6.1 Mark Twain National Forest: The"Lands That Nobody Wanted" Become A "Land of Many Uses" a conservation story of Missouri forests

6.2 Forestry Service History

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