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An Introduction | Dilemmas in Africa | Current Perspectives | Basic Computer Skills | Earth Science | Weather & Climate | Ecology & Environmental Hotspot
Skills & Goals | Digital Camera | GIS/ GPS | Agriculture & World Hunger | Renewable Energy
Factors in the Environment & Social Justice | Ecological Relationships & Environmentalsim | Sustainable Development | Climate Change
Personal Computer | Troubleshooting Hardware | Internet | Software | Peripherals | Images | Sound
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STC Flyer (2007) pdf doc
STC Program Presentation pdf pps
STC Permission Form pdf doc
STC Technology Competencies pdf doc


Item Description Download
Pre-Survey Eval. This survey is a model used to evaluate (Science, Technology and Culture) You will need to adapt it to your environment doc
Preconceptions Eval. This evaluation looks at what are the preconcpetions of children ideas about other places and cultures. doc
Science Eval This evaluation tries to look at the scientific ideas students bring to the classroom doc
Summer Poll This poll helped us to determine how many children were interested in a Summer Program doc


Item Description Download
Program Survey
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