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Science, Technology & Culture (STC): Empowering Learners is a program to broaden the understanding, appreciation and use of technology in high-poverty communities, while offering youth a tremendous opportunity to enhance their scientific understandings and cultural awareness. The program focuses on the appreciation of technology and its application in scientific disciplines, as well as upon building cross-cultural relationships among young people. A primary goal of the program is to enhance each learner's scientific and technological literacy, self-confidence, communication skills, and global awareness. The STC program provides a profound educational journey of cultural exploration and self-discovery, which is oriented toward empowering learner and communities.

Major Taylor Association

African-American pro cyclist Erik Saunders takes his ground-breaking literally

STC Field Trip to Velodrome Great photos of the field trip!

Roots and Shoots Carr Lane Middle, 2014

The Velodrome Field Trip, 2014 (pptx)

Pen Pal Letters Letters written between pen pals in the past. here.

Pioneer Climbing Experience

Matthew Childs' 9 Rules of Rock Climbing

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